Writing a life story is tough. It requires a lot of research, lots of drafts, and lots of hours spent penning your memories down on paper. Even if you’re familiar with how to write a story, it’s difficult to know where to start. …

I cannot overstate the importance of having ideas and acting on them. The power that can be achieved by taking your thoughts, converting them into life-changing concepts, and turning those concepts into published books is amazing. …

I believe in generosity development in each individual. As a human, we have a great set of skills with us! Sharing expertise with others gives us more confidence our-self in life and happiness for helping others to move forward. freeCertification.org created an online platform for both student and mentors! using our platform becomes part of generosity development family.

My mission is to help people learn skills with free certification. Our “IIGD” global team achieves this by creating the number of videos, articles, and study material lessons — all these certifications freely available to the public. I am encouraging each to join hands with International Institute Of Generosity Development freeCertification.Org.

Visit and support — www.freecertification.org is an (a non-profit organization) “Its an eLearning platform for Non-Profit Organization’s and Students to grow their skills.”

Padmaraj Nidagundi

Padmaraj aim is to write more books and fill the gap between the young and old generations. http://www.padmaraj.org/

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